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Facade Inspection

Almost every NYC co-op and condo board member as well as every board manager is familiar about Local Law 11 inspections. The law originally enacted in 1980 was passed to ensure the safety and protection of all pedestrians passing by below. One of the main differences between Local Law 10 and Local Law 11 is that under Local Law 10, only the front façade, plus side-walls up to 25 feet from the street had to be inspected. Under Local Law 11, on the other hand, the entirety of the building’s façade is inspected. It is estimated that there are over 13,000 buildings in NYC that are subject to this law.

Art Contracting NYC has been serving building owners and board members with our Façade Inspection Program for over a decade. Our program is specifically tailored to the needs of all building owners subject to Local Law 11 Inspections.

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